And The Next Scholarship Goes To…

Jenny Parker senior pic 2

Jenny Parker!  She is our next featured 2015 scholarship recipient.  This young lady is planning on attending Fort Hays State University, majoring in Radiology.  Her high school activities included:  basketball, volleyball, cross-country, National Honor Society, and STUCO.  She was also the recipient of The Hope James Memorial Scholarship, The American Legion Scholarship, Rivendell Resources Scholarship, Lane County Farm Bureau Scholarship, and the Scout Explorations Scholarship.  We are very proud of our graduates here in Dighton.  For those that haven’t grown up in a small town, it is hard for them to understand just how busy our youth can be.  Often, they participate in every sport and every extra curricular activity possible.  Something that people from large cities just don’t understand.  I once asked one of my dancers how she did it.  She joyfully exclaimed, “oh, as long as I have time to sleep, I’m fine!”.  Please help us continue to support our graduates and offer scholarships to them.  We couldn’t do this without you.

Registration Extended!

Good news for those of you who don’t like to make plans too far ahead of time.  We have extended the registration deadline to the end of July!  We are desperately trying to get 400 registered for this event so we can break even and not dip into the scholarship fund, so we are keeping it open!  So mail those registrations in and get ready for the fun!

We have made a few other changes along the way as well.  Registration packets will now be available for pick up only at the Lane County Historical Museum.  Registration will be open from 4-7 on Friday, July 31st, and from 9-5 on Saturday Aug. 1st.  Please drop by, pick up your wristbands and event schedules, and maybe have a tour of the new addition that has been added on to our museum.

Calling all Alumni….we are feeling a bit nostalgic this year.  I was thinking (dangerous, I know) how much fun it would be to have a twirler at the parade. Soooooo, if anyone out there used to twirl, and would like to revisit their youth, let us know!  We would so enjoy having you lead the parade.  (I almost talked Judy Fullmer into it after I heard about her homemade fire batons.  How cool would THAT be?!)

We really hope to see everyone there.  Especially if you have batons…..and know how to use them!

Where does our money go? Part 1

regan senior pic


If I had a glass of wine for everyone that asked me what their money for the ASR is going for, I could start my own vineyard! (And I would probably need rehab!)  There are many, many expenses to putting on the ASR every five years.  But I thought I would start with an expense that is actually an investment in the future.  Every year, (that’s EVERY YEAR people, not just the years of the ASR), we give out three scholarships to local graduates who are interested in pursuing a higher education.  One of the recipients this year is Regan Foos.  Now, let me tell you about this young lady.   She’s smart, talented, athletic, very funny, and oh yea…she made the K-State cheerleading team.  I am a little biased.  She was on my dance team for two years, co-captain for one.  And even though when you are giving her instructions, and she’s looking right at you…in the eye, then asks, “huh?”, believe me, she is still going places.  This one is a hard worker.  I mean, Dighton has NEVER had a co-ed cheerleading team, and yet, this girl drove herself around western Kansas learning how to stunt.  And tumble.  And be an all-around good person.  She deserves our help in pursuing her dreams.  This is our mission.  Help young people learn, grow, educate themselves.  Then they will in turn give back to their communities.  It’s a pretty good cycle.  Let’s keep it going.  Please register.  We would love to see you there!