A Smaller Purse

Recently I changed to a smaller purse.  It may not seem like a very big deal, but it has completely changed my life.  I was really beginning to lose it  become very frustrated with my gargantuan, size of Texas, purse.  It completely dominated my life.  I was constantly digging around in it, I could never find anything, and the straps were constantly digging into my shoulder and giving me headaches.  It was supposed to carry my knitting in it too, but that never worked out.  Either my yarn was snagging on the bulging contents of the suitcase purse, or all of my needles would just, flop out of their special little needle holder, inside the special knitting purse/bag/suitcase.  Add to that carrying a diaper bag and an 18 month old, and you can see how I was constantly flipping my @#%%.  So, I downsized…in a big way.  I ordered a special wallet, small enough to fit in my new, changing my life, purse.  I took everything out of Texas knitting purse/bag and reassessed.  Why do I need 14 pens and 3 travel containers of hand lotion?  Oh wait, I know.  BECAUSE I COULDN’T FIND ANYTHING!!  So, I just kept putting more and more stuff in the stupid thing, until I couldn’t ever find the stuff that was in there.  So, I stopped worrying about the latest fashion statement bag, and instead, got out an old trusty travel purse.  The small kind, filled with places to put everything.  And a strap that goes across my body.  Hands free!  Now I only have one lotion in my purse, and I know exactly where it is.  Oh, and two pens…in their pen holders.  (Why two you ask?  Well, there are two pen holders.  And what if one runs out of ink?)  My knitting has its own bag, with no Velcro, and nothing randomly falls out of it either now.

So, how has this changed my life you ask?  Well, to put it simply, my life is now….simpler.  I know where my keys go, and my phone.  I have two hands available to carry my baby, and sometimes my 3 year-old too.  But on a bigger scale, it has had a much needed trickle down effect.  I started reassessing everything in my house and the other house I live in my vehicle.  I took a whole pickup load of stuff, just stuff, that I wasn’t using, and who knows what I was saving it for, to the thrift store.  I bought organizational cubes and shelves.  I organized my cabinets, underneath sinks, in the linen closet.  I am in the middle of organizing the laundry room.  Get. Out.  Who am I?  I love this new me.  Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved organizing my life.  (I am the by-product of two hoarding parents.  The kind where you opened cabinets very carefully, or everything would just fall out.)  But I would always just reorganize all my junk.  I never really stepped back, and said, do I really need this?  Can I live without it?  It turns out I can live with a lot less than I thought.  And I’m just getting started:)