And so it goes.

I am rather quickly starting to figure out that in order to put an event together such as the Dighton All School Reunion, the ability to “fly by the seat of your pants” is actually a good thing!  I am grateful for my past training as a ballet dancer, because believe me, some extreme flexibility has been exercised on my part!  Now, few of you have been getting your feathers in a bit of a ruffle over the banquet situation.  Let’s just clear the air.  When the mention of having a backup plan was first brought up at a meeting, I wasn’t really too worried about it.  I thought we were just being extra cautious.   Then, I took a tour of the construction site.  At that point, (three weeks out), after a mild panic attack, I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to rely on that amount of work being done in the amount of time left to do it.  You know, it’s just not a good idea to serve a meal to 400+ alumni without any bathrooms!  I think I’m safe in saying, people would rip my head off be mad.  So, this puts me in weird place.  In order to have a contingency plan, I also have to think about…..tables and chairs, tents or no tents, bathrooms, handicap accessibility, the list goes on and on.  So I cut my losses and moved forward.  Now, moving forward does sometimes necessitate a brief glance backward.  But it must remain brief!  And progress must continue forward.  So, onward I marched and here we are!  Now we have a few things we couldn’t have had before;

1.  Cocktail Hour.  4-6:30 Catholic Hall.  Cups are $5, all the adult beverage you can put in ’em.

2.  Beer garden in the park. (Not sure exactly how this relates, but it’s exciting anyway!).  If you don’t have a meal ticket wristband, then you will have to purchase a park wristband/cup combo for $5.  Then fill that cup up as much as you want for a buck at a time!  Whoop! Whoop!


Can’t beat that!  See you all there!