Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow…

frigid cream pics 2

Saying goodbye is never easy.  Especially to someplace as dearly loved as the Frigid Crème.  How many memories have been made here?  Too many to count.  We all have our favorite menu items that we will miss.  Burgers, fries, cauliflower with spicy cheese sauce, the soft serve ice cream…too many to count.  My personal favorite, which hasn’t been around for years, was the beef burger.  Crumbled ground beef in some kind of awesomeness of a brown gravy sauce.  Sort of like a sloppy Joe, but without the tomato.  Man, nothing can compete with that!


frigid cream pics frigid cream pics 3

I am going to miss taking my children for ice cream after they have done something spectacular….or not so spectacular!  When I was little, we even used to get a cup of vanilla, no spoon, for my dog Whiskers.  Ah, the Frigid Crème.  You will be missed!

P.S.  SOMEBODY FLIPPING BUY THIS PLACE!!!!!!  I am seriously afraid of the cumulative effects of a town without soft serve.  We should all be worried!

Who Is Making All That Noise?

asr pic 4

About one year ago, the residents of Lane County approved a tax increase to make some improvements to our schools.  The biggest items on the agenda were the heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, and a storm shelter for the elementary school.  But along with that came a few extras that have been the talk of the town here in Dighton for quite a while.  Many of you may recognize the SE view of DHS (technically now they call it DJSHS…but that’s a lot of typing!)  or at least you recognize a track of some sort there.  We did get a new and improved track…one that actual other teams will run on…and the new addition going up next to it will be the future home of a new boys locker room and a community center.  The community center will have a key card entry and will include free weights, stationary bikes, stair steppers, elliptical machines and an aerobics room.  They are refurbishing the current boys’ locker room for a new girls locker room.  They have made improvements to the concession stand and the auditorium seats will no longer look like romper room chose the color pallet.   All of the improvements are set to be finished by the 2015 ASR, and boy are we excited to show them off to our alumni!  (Not sure why they couldn’t just make a new locker room for the girls, but I digress!)  So be sure to include a tour of the new facilities in your plans for literally, The Most Exciting Weekend of Your Summer!!!!

Just to tempt you…

asr pic 5

South view of new addition


asr pic 3

Our track!! We have track meets now!!!

ASR pic 1

DES addition. New storm shelter, science room, and lunch room.

ASr pic 2

View of addition at DES (elementary school for those of you not following along!) from the east.

So we look forward to showing off all our shiny new additions as well as seeing some very missed faces!


An Interesting Trip to the Grocery Store

dance team flip pic
DHS Dance Team 2014

It was a day, not unlike any other day, when a quick grocery store stop was necessary.  I happened to run into Bonnie Venters outside in the parking lot.  Now, thinking back, if I could take back that day, I probably would.  But, I blindly asked politely when the next Dighton All School Reunion  was happening, because you see, they are incredibly fun.  And in my mind, I needed to prepare for that fun.  I wanted to know when I was going to get to kick up some dirt with my old high school buddies.  “Would you like to help?”  Bonnie timidly asks me.  “Sure!  I’d love to!”….Uh, what she meant was, “Do you want to be IN CHARGE of the whole event?”  WHAT?  I didn’t find that out until the first meeting, and now, a year and a half later, here we are!  So after a mild panic attack and many, many hours of planning, we are closer than ever to the 2015 All School Reunion.

I am excited to share a few things with those of you who haven’t been around Dighton for a while.  There are 27 campsites available at the fairgrounds.  They are equipped with full hookups including water, and they run just $18 per night.  They are first come, first serve.  This is an excellent option for those of you who don’t have any arrangements made yet.  I would also suggest Scott City as an option, as they have seen a recent hotel boom.

We are going to have a few new things available this year including, but not limited to:

Horseshoe Tourney

Kickball Tourney

Event Photographer

Photo Booth

Class Pictures

Just a few things to look forward to.  Many people ask what their registration fees cover.  It covers all of the Saturday events including the evening meal, band (lighting, sound, stage), dance, parade, free parking, campsite contest, and the pancake breakfast and worship service on Sunday.  This is definitely not a for profit venture!  In addition, the ASR committee gives out scholarships to local graduating seniors EVERY year.  If we have any money left over, we are giving it back to our community by investing it in our youth.  Certainly in the hopes that some of them will return to raise their families here.  We appreciate everything all of our alumni have done over the years, and we look forward to seeing everyone this summer!

Jenny (Linden) Tracz

2015 ASR Chairperson