Since the Dust Has Settled



I have started this post about 100 times without much success.  I can’t believe that after all of the planning and preparation, it is all over!  Wow!  What a great time.  I really don’t know how to thank all of the volunteers that made this reunion possible.  Everything went rather smoothly for the most part, (I won’t get into the dirty details) and I think many of us enjoyed catching up with so many friends we hadn’t seen in such a long time.  The meal was fantastic, the music….even better!  The parade was even better than the fair’s parade (sorry fair board…you’re going to need to pick up the pace), and the photo booth….well, it was a PHOTO BOOTH.  If you can’t have fun in a photo booth, then you aren’t looking very hard for some fun.

I have so many people to thank, but right now I just want to bask in the glow for a little longer.  Please check out the photo library.  There are many, many pictures to look through.  (Thank you Mary Hartman.)  Feel free to print these off if you like them.  Be looking for more pictures from the photo booth.  And thank you to everyone who made it back to enjoy the reunion.



Dear Beer Garden…

Dear Beer Garden,

I love you.  I hate you.  I want to break up.  You are just too much work and too much worry.  I have a family that needs me and I can’t give you all of my attention right now.  You are too needy, too draining, and may I repeat, too much work.  We have to break up.  I have to let you go and let the alumni figure out how to get their own adult beverages.  I just can’t handle you anymore.  You simply aren’t worth it.  It was fun while it lasted, but now, it’s over.  Goodbye.  I will miss you.




Can anyone say, beer garden?

Ok, maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty excited about the beer garden!  I never thought I would get this accomplished and let me tell you, you definitely catch more bees with honey than with vinegar!  Also, I have been thinking about beer a lot lately, which seems fitting since I should probably be putting more beer in my mouth, and less of my feet.  (Mr. Neeley, you know what I mean!)

Speaking of Mr. Neeley…his SON, Steve, just happens to have a two bedroom apartment available for rent the weekend of the ASR if anyone still needs accommodations.  His number is 620-397-1686.  Look him up!

So back to beer.  Here is what I need.  I. need. bartenders.  Also, trashcans.  Yes, trashcans.  I just need about seven more to put the kegs in.  Any volunteers????  I happen to know everyone in Dighton that is on vacation that weekend, because I’ve called them, so now, I’m putting the word out at large.  All of you out-of-towners, would you be willing to donate one hour, or thirty minutes of your time to poor some brews?  We need you.  I need you.  My sanity is running thin.  Please help me keep my sanity…I have precious little of it left!!


And so it goes.

I am rather quickly starting to figure out that in order to put an event together such as the Dighton All School Reunion, the ability to “fly by the seat of your pants” is actually a good thing!  I am grateful for my past training as a ballet dancer, because believe me, some extreme flexibility has been exercised on my part!  Now, few of you have been getting your feathers in a bit of a ruffle over the banquet situation.  Let’s just clear the air.  When the mention of having a backup plan was first brought up at a meeting, I wasn’t really too worried about it.  I thought we were just being extra cautious.   Then, I took a tour of the construction site.  At that point, (three weeks out), after a mild panic attack, I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to rely on that amount of work being done in the amount of time left to do it.  You know, it’s just not a good idea to serve a meal to 400+ alumni without any bathrooms!  I think I’m safe in saying, people would rip my head off be mad.  So, this puts me in weird place.  In order to have a contingency plan, I also have to think about…..tables and chairs, tents or no tents, bathrooms, handicap accessibility, the list goes on and on.  So I cut my losses and moved forward.  Now, moving forward does sometimes necessitate a brief glance backward.  But it must remain brief!  And progress must continue forward.  So, onward I marched and here we are!  Now we have a few things we couldn’t have had before;

1.  Cocktail Hour.  4-6:30 Catholic Hall.  Cups are $5, all the adult beverage you can put in ’em.

2.  Beer garden in the park. (Not sure exactly how this relates, but it’s exciting anyway!).  If you don’t have a meal ticket wristband, then you will have to purchase a park wristband/cup combo for $5.  Then fill that cup up as much as you want for a buck at a time!  Whoop! Whoop!


Can’t beat that!  See you all there!


Venue Change!

Due to unforeseen construction delays we have changed the venue for the Reunion Dinner banquet (Sat eve, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. ) to the Catholic Church Hall.

Registration will be held at the Lane County Museum on Friday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. & Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you don’t pick up your wristbands at registration before the banquet, just pick them up at the banquet we will have them there.

At this time we have not found another location for the worship service, but we will keep you updated.

For full schedule details you can click on the following link,

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

And The Next Scholarship Goes To…

Jenny Parker senior pic 2

Jenny Parker!  She is our next featured 2015 scholarship recipient.  This young lady is planning on attending Fort Hays State University, majoring in Radiology.  Her high school activities included:  basketball, volleyball, cross-country, National Honor Society, and STUCO.  She was also the recipient of The Hope James Memorial Scholarship, The American Legion Scholarship, Rivendell Resources Scholarship, Lane County Farm Bureau Scholarship, and the Scout Explorations Scholarship.  We are very proud of our graduates here in Dighton.  For those that haven’t grown up in a small town, it is hard for them to understand just how busy our youth can be.  Often, they participate in every sport and every extra curricular activity possible.  Something that people from large cities just don’t understand.  I once asked one of my dancers how she did it.  She joyfully exclaimed, “oh, as long as I have time to sleep, I’m fine!”.  Please help us continue to support our graduates and offer scholarships to them.  We couldn’t do this without you.

Registration Extended!

Good news for those of you who don’t like to make plans too far ahead of time.  We have extended the registration deadline to the end of July!  We are desperately trying to get 400 registered for this event so we can break even and not dip into the scholarship fund, so we are keeping it open!  So mail those registrations in and get ready for the fun!

We have made a few other changes along the way as well.  Registration packets will now be available for pick up only at the Lane County Historical Museum.  Registration will be open from 4-7 on Friday, July 31st, and from 9-5 on Saturday Aug. 1st.  Please drop by, pick up your wristbands and event schedules, and maybe have a tour of the new addition that has been added on to our museum.

Calling all Alumni….we are feeling a bit nostalgic this year.  I was thinking (dangerous, I know) how much fun it would be to have a twirler at the parade. Soooooo, if anyone out there used to twirl, and would like to revisit their youth, let us know!  We would so enjoy having you lead the parade.  (I almost talked Judy Fullmer into it after I heard about her homemade fire batons.  How cool would THAT be?!)

We really hope to see everyone there.  Especially if you have batons…..and know how to use them!

Where does our money go? Part 1

regan senior pic


If I had a glass of wine for everyone that asked me what their money for the ASR is going for, I could start my own vineyard! (And I would probably need rehab!)  There are many, many expenses to putting on the ASR every five years.  But I thought I would start with an expense that is actually an investment in the future.  Every year, (that’s EVERY YEAR people, not just the years of the ASR), we give out three scholarships to local graduates who are interested in pursuing a higher education.  One of the recipients this year is Regan Foos.  Now, let me tell you about this young lady.   She’s smart, talented, athletic, very funny, and oh yea…she made the K-State cheerleading team.  I am a little biased.  She was on my dance team for two years, co-captain for one.  And even though when you are giving her instructions, and she’s looking right at you…in the eye, then asks, “huh?”, believe me, she is still going places.  This one is a hard worker.  I mean, Dighton has NEVER had a co-ed cheerleading team, and yet, this girl drove herself around western Kansas learning how to stunt.  And tumble.  And be an all-around good person.  She deserves our help in pursuing her dreams.  This is our mission.  Help young people learn, grow, educate themselves.  Then they will in turn give back to their communities.  It’s a pretty good cycle.  Let’s keep it going.  Please register.  We would love to see you there!


A Smaller Purse

Recently I changed to a smaller purse.  It may not seem like a very big deal, but it has completely changed my life.  I was really beginning to lose it  become very frustrated with my gargantuan, size of Texas, purse.  It completely dominated my life.  I was constantly digging around in it, I could never find anything, and the straps were constantly digging into my shoulder and giving me headaches.  It was supposed to carry my knitting in it too, but that never worked out.  Either my yarn was snagging on the bulging contents of the suitcase purse, or all of my needles would just, flop out of their special little needle holder, inside the special knitting purse/bag/suitcase.  Add to that carrying a diaper bag and an 18 month old, and you can see how I was constantly flipping my @#%%.  So, I downsized…in a big way.  I ordered a special wallet, small enough to fit in my new, changing my life, purse.  I took everything out of Texas knitting purse/bag and reassessed.  Why do I need 14 pens and 3 travel containers of hand lotion?  Oh wait, I know.  BECAUSE I COULDN’T FIND ANYTHING!!  So, I just kept putting more and more stuff in the stupid thing, until I couldn’t ever find the stuff that was in there.  So, I stopped worrying about the latest fashion statement bag, and instead, got out an old trusty travel purse.  The small kind, filled with places to put everything.  And a strap that goes across my body.  Hands free!  Now I only have one lotion in my purse, and I know exactly where it is.  Oh, and two pens…in their pen holders.  (Why two you ask?  Well, there are two pen holders.  And what if one runs out of ink?)  My knitting has its own bag, with no Velcro, and nothing randomly falls out of it either now.

So, how has this changed my life you ask?  Well, to put it simply, my life is now….simpler.  I know where my keys go, and my phone.  I have two hands available to carry my baby, and sometimes my 3 year-old too.  But on a bigger scale, it has had a much needed trickle down effect.  I started reassessing everything in my house and the other house I live in my vehicle.  I took a whole pickup load of stuff, just stuff, that I wasn’t using, and who knows what I was saving it for, to the thrift store.  I bought organizational cubes and shelves.  I organized my cabinets, underneath sinks, in the linen closet.  I am in the middle of organizing the laundry room.  Get. Out.  Who am I?  I love this new me.  Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved organizing my life.  (I am the by-product of two hoarding parents.  The kind where you opened cabinets very carefully, or everything would just fall out.)  But I would always just reorganize all my junk.  I never really stepped back, and said, do I really need this?  Can I live without it?  It turns out I can live with a lot less than I thought.  And I’m just getting started:)