And The Next Scholarship Goes To…

Jenny Parker senior pic 2

Jenny Parker!  She is our next featured 2015 scholarship recipient.  This young lady is planning on attending Fort Hays State University, majoring in Radiology.  Her high school activities included:  basketball, volleyball, cross-country, National Honor Society, and STUCO.  She was also the recipient of The Hope James Memorial Scholarship, The American Legion Scholarship, Rivendell Resources Scholarship, Lane County Farm Bureau Scholarship, and the Scout Explorations Scholarship.  We are very proud of our graduates here in Dighton.  For those that haven’t grown up in a small town, it is hard for them to understand just how busy our youth can be.  Often, they participate in every sport and every extra curricular activity possible.  Something that people from large cities just don’t understand.  I once asked one of my dancers how she did it.  She joyfully exclaimed, “oh, as long as I have time to sleep, I’m fine!”.  Please help us continue to support our graduates and offer scholarships to them.  We couldn’t do this without you.

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